ROI based

Digital marketing is a lot more than just a daily post
on Facebook or a weekly live session on Instagram. It
is about creating a valuable digital presence while
embracing the ever-evolving nature of the medium.
And nothing does this job better than ROI based

An ROI driven marketing approach ensures that every
invested penny is a step towards meeting the
revenue goals and that every marketing effort is
accounted for.

When done strategically, digital marketing can not
only help the sales graph soar, but also build the
brand’s recall value for its sustained success

The Process

Understand the brand

The first step is to catch up over a zoom call or a
cuppa chai to understand how we can collaborate
and create value. No one can tell the story of your
brand better than you. The aim is to understand your
passion and vision so that you and our team are on
the same page about how to bring it to life.

Research and Strategize

Next, we undertake extensive market research.
As they say, you must know your competitors just as
well as your friends. Based on our research and data,
a plan is crafted to drive desired results.


Consistent efforts in carrying out the plan in a
disciplined manner is the key to growth. After keenly
monitoring what works and what doesn't, elements
are added and subtracted to ensure value creation.

Measure Impact & Drive Conversion

Nothing speaks louder than numbers. To measure
the success rate of your investment and of our effort,
we analyse the growth in brand awareness and
conversions. Accordingly, a plan for the future
is prepared.

We Offer

Brands we have enjoyed
working with

“Marketing is an investment, not a cost.”

-Martin Sorrell
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